What do you think?

Are Blogs and Journalism separate or the same?

Are Blogs destroying traditional journalism or are they creating further opportunities for the industry?

Is Twitter a News source?

What we concluded

Having examined both sides and having spoken to an online media professional we felt it was fair to conclude that Blogging does not challenge journalism but rather it creates further opportunities for it.

“The News Media is becoming more like blogs. Blogs are becoming more like news media. The Two fields are merging. It’s not about both dying, it’s about something better being born” [Mark Coughlan]

Nialls Presentation

Niall looked at the positive aspect to blogs. He looked at how rather than challenging journalism blogs actually created further oportunities.

He looked at a number of readings during his research and again his finding from these can be found by looking at the power point presentation.

During his research for the presentation he interviewed Mark Coughlan of Thestory.ie

Mark had this to say:

“Blogs like IrishEconomy, IrelandAfterNama, ProgressiveEconomy, TrueEconomics and TurbelenceAhead are all contributing, via citations or osmosis of their opinions by commentators due to the availability of said opinions, to the national debate. That’s only in the field of economics. Current affairs blogs are also seeing continuous reference (or semi-plagarism) in the national media

“For example, th geographers at NUI Maynooth blogged their research on ghost estates on IrelandAfterNama – this resulted in national media coverage, second item on the Six One, off-lead in The Irish Times. The author of the research told me that no journalist would have read the details had they simply emailed it to the newsdesks.”

Daves presentation

Dave looked at the reading from Susan Robinson “Mission of the J-Blog” he saw that Blogging is challenging journalistic principles and he outlined some of the points of that the reading discussed. [The points he discussed can be found by following the links on this page to our presentation]

He then looked at Twitter as a form of blogging.

Speaking to Mark Coughlan here’s what he had to say on Twitter

“Twitter has changed the face of blogging, where in the past older blogs would have often updated providing merely a link as their entire post, they have now moved on to twitter, a service that is more suitable for hyper linking and URL shortening”

Rosie’s presentation

She led to the gathering of all of our information and she put the slides together.

Her focus was on the negative side of Journalism and the challenges that journalists face as a result of Blogs.

First she looked at some statistics that showed how blogging has increased in popularity in the last number of years. She highlighted that a PEW internet study in 2006 showed that
73 % of all internet users get their news from the internet.
 8 % of internet users, or about 12 million American adults, keep a blog .
9 % or about 57 million American adults read blogs.

Another recent study that she looked at found that of the 142 daily newspaper websites sampled nationally, the percentage offering blogs doubled from 33% in 2005 to 61% in 2006

She looked at how Blogging is presenting an increasing challenge to journalism and how the rise in citizen journalism is threatening traditional news values.

She identified that a major problem with blogs is there lack of moderation. People can say what they like. But how can we trust such sources? There have even been cases of people making up stories just to increase the traffic flow to their site. We must ask ourselves can we rely on the information that these bloggers provide us with?

Another problem she saw that many people have found with blogging is that it is like a parasitic medium. Many bloggers are creating sites that ‘feed off’ credible journalists.

She also questioned the credibility of blogs “Journalism is based on fact but many blogs are based on opinion.”

Dave then elaborated on some of these points with reference to a particular reading.

The Blogosphere – What it’s all about

Here is a link to our power point presentation –> The Blogosphere

We presented in week 10 and our presentation was on the Blogosphere.

In our Presentation Rosie discussed the negative side to blogging and the challenges we as journalists face because of it. Dave elaborated on this with reference to a particular reading. He also talked about Twitter and finally Niall looked at why Blogging is something positive and he concluded by showing that Blogging does not challenge but creates further opportunity for journalism.

During the presentation we used a slide show as we felt it further reinforced the ideas we were trying to put across but they also helped to keep the class interested in what we were saying, for this reason we decided to use as many pictures as possible to illustrate our points and we decided to keep the information to a minimum on each slide, with key words highlighted. The Slide show can be found here