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The Blogosphere – What it’s all about

Here is a link to our power point presentation –> The Blogosphere

We presented in week 10 and our presentation was on the Blogosphere.

In our Presentation Rosie discussed the negative side to blogging and the challenges we as journalists face because of it. Dave elaborated on this with reference to a particular reading. He also talked about Twitter and finally Niall looked at why Blogging is something positive and he concluded by showing that Blogging does not challenge but creates further opportunity for journalism.

During the presentation we used a slide show as we felt it further reinforced the ideas we were trying to put across but they also helped to keep the class interested in what we were saying, for this reason we decided to use as many pictures as possible to illustrate our points and we decided to keep the information to a minimum on each slide, with key words highlighted. The Slide show can be found here