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Nialls Presentation

Niall looked at the positive aspect to blogs. He looked at how rather than challenging journalism blogs actually created further oportunities.

He looked at a number of readings during his research and again his finding from these can be found by looking at the power point presentation.

During his research for the presentation he interviewed Mark Coughlan of

Mark had this to say:

“Blogs like IrishEconomy, IrelandAfterNama, ProgressiveEconomy, TrueEconomics and TurbelenceAhead are all contributing, via citations or osmosis of their opinions by commentators due to the availability of said opinions, to the national debate. That’s only in the field of economics. Current affairs blogs are also seeing continuous reference (or semi-plagarism) in the national media

“For example, th geographers at NUI Maynooth blogged their research on ghost estates on IrelandAfterNama – this resulted in national media coverage, second item on the Six One, off-lead in The Irish Times. The author of the research told me that no journalist would have read the details had they simply emailed it to the newsdesks.”